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 Greyder - Action Time


Категория - Тексты песен » Greyder

Action time

Wake up! If all things are bad and dung.
Neither you, nor your friend are guilty as done.
You are capable to find a witness and judge,
And bring an action against this sludge.

World will not ever change,
You can make it rearrange.
It’s not possible to make your world behind the stage.
It can last forever, do it now or never.

Now what will you do to satisfy your smile?
Taking chances once you will never get down.
You will need it always more and more,
A pleasant surprise - how did you live it before?

Your life will not ever change,
You can make it, baby, rearrange.
It’s not possible to make your world behind the stage.
It can last forever, do it now or never.

Some day you’ll look at what you’ve done
Made history and wasting time,
All of your wins and defeats.
You’ll understand, your life was not
So perfect, but you’ve always got
What you want. Well, this is all that you need.

Wake up! If all things intolerant dung.
Neither you, nor your friends are guilty as done.
You are capable to find a witness and judge,
And bring an action against this sludge.

Built for the Kill

Under the sun, where we still stay,
Conditions for everyone are the same.
There’s no instinct to be the slave.
And there is no instinct created to dominate.

But some kinds have undergone a little changes.
They have thought up for themselves entertainments.
They have made toys,
And starts to play a “toy destroys”.

I know, I’m not a kind of a poison.
I know, I’m not some kind of a bomb.
But I know – you’ve made my choice,
And you are owners of the world.

I know, i am a toy, and I have
Playground – it is a battle-field.
Even worse – you understanding,
I was only built for the... kill.


You were convincing when have told,
That we should protect your liars world.
Killing, and killing again,
Killing those, who try to take it away.

You have finally made a perfect zombie of me,
Which trust every word from your tv.
We kill everyone, who can kill you.
Those whom we killed did same thing too.


Play without any limit and fears
Rise, and go get your primary skills
Dead? No matter – you’re playing again
It’s nice to feel it but it’s just inside the game

It’s nice to feel that you can take away your loss
You start again from any step and any boss
Walk through the fatal blast and dance around a mine
The only thing you need to do is load your life

I wanna save my game
To start it up again
Wrong should be erased
Life needs a different ways

Come, I’ll show you my projects and plans
I can catch rattlesnake with naked hands
Bite my face and I’ll not feel an ache
No time for care and I have no time for mistakes

No need to hate yourself and fear that you will lose
Your only perfect act is a step that you will choose
You test your force, you’re jumping like a burning flea
Come to the edge as closer as you wanna be

Credit Heart

Can you feel your head as a phone, that can imagine only round numbers?
All ideas are aimed on deals, and the papers smell of sweet big zeros.

Push the plus many times... well, you know the answer,
Even if your greedy eyes are closed.
You don’t need an "equal" button, do ya?
You always wish to create the button with the name of "more".

It’s your sweet erotic dream, you have raised corners of your lips again.
Like a joker in the end of a cruel game, you always take a capital gain.

Your soul is like a credit card, which is real only
When is filled enough to make you king
And when it’s filled enough you not so lonely.
But when it get’s away, you don’t feel real.

You don’t know why you feel dry.
You dead, but you should still try
This analytical review
To understand what’s main for you.

That buttons, what your life for?
That numbers, what you explore?
Decide, my friend, until you can
Become a calculator man.

I’m fall in love, but can you feel the same?
You can not feel the simple things again.
Your head is loaded like a cash dispenser,
It’s very hard to find a place for other sense.

A sound of falling coin is your best friend (ever), and
The paper rustle, which you so depend.
If only, my friend, you can look around,
I’m sure you hear another unknown pretty sound.

This is the silent voice of heart,
Which starts from its remained (pity) part.
It’s not so big, but understand, my friend,
This thing can really more and more and more expand.

Your dirty minds have punched a hole in you,
And every day this hole accrues.
If you ever try to eliminate this drain,
You can be sure you’ll win the game.

You don’t know why you feel so empty.
You don’t really want to understand that your small heart
Can lose the rests of your life,
Even if your bank account is jam-packed.
And your great achievement
Will be if you understand,
That your most big sacred riches
Always was your credit... heart.

9 lives

My first life was only for you,
My second was for better new,
The third life I have spent alone for war.
And as I slowly going tired
I have thought up to lead next life
For reconciliation – number four.

The fifth for gathering the info,
The sixth for searching and no more,
I don’t know where and why. What if I shall?
My seventh life is for mistakes,
My eighth for victories and sakes.
And number nine I shall leave to myself.

What should I do with my time distribution?
Cause I got only nine lives, maybe
I had no time for this unkind conclusion,
I’m like a carefree tiger baby
nine lives, nine times (only 2nd time)

I got / only / nine lives / to live nine times

What done is done. I have a lot
Of memories, that are so hot.
And I have almost nothing to regret.
I’m glad to all that I have tasted.
I think that years are never wasted.
Your life is short for something to forget.


The lie of tomorrow no longer inspire
A pile of dirt and intricate knots in your eyes
I’m fooled by your laws, I don’t wanna hear what you say
I’d like to go ahead and clean everything on my way

I’m starting the engine and spread out my blade
Acceleration, and everyone sinks in my shade
Here is a plan: you hide and cover your face.
Anyway this will be a very short chase

Smell this justice exhaust,
Sound of cleaner,
This is the fear of a sinner

Feel it when your skin frost
Death to traitor
This is a voice of the Greyder

When all is over, our hearts will be glad
I’m not the only who paid decent price for this fad
World is a virgin – we look at what we have done
My eyes are blaze when my head is turning around

Просмотров: 1062 автор: Sorg 11 января 2011


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